SolarQuip home solar power installations

Solar panel home installationAustralian homes have an abundance of sun available to turn into valuable solar power and solar hot water. Why pay electricity companies when you can produce it for free?

Adding solar power to your home allows you to produce clean energy for your home use and add renewable energy to the power grid.

SolarQuip would like to help you avoid the pitfalls of a ‘one size fits all’ approach to solar installation. Let us design an efficient, safe system that is professionally installed by an accredited electrician.

We use high quality solar panels and solar hot water systems that can be scaled to fit your energy needs and location of your home.


New to Solar? Read our homeowners’ guide:  Things to Know About Solar 



Understanding the Installation Process

Installer completing home solar panel installation

Installing a solar power system in your home requires planning and careful execution. Not only is safety a primary consideration, but a grid connected system must be approved by your electricity retailer.

Here is an overview on the process:

  1. We talk about what you want to achieve – your energy needs, whether a solar power installation is really the best option and whether we can help you.
  2. A site visit allows a full assessment of the solar potential of your home and what factors need to be considered in design and installation.
  3. A full design and performance estimation is done and a quote can be accepted.
  4. Pre-approval documentation may be required from your electricity distributor.
  5. Installation is scheduled and completed then the system is commissioned in a final safety checking process.
  6. An application to connect is submitted to your electricity retailer.


What is Good Value?

Solar panels and inverters have dropped in price as solar has become more popular.  In most cases a solar installation will save you money in the long run and you can rest easy knowing that you are consuming clean energy in your home.

SolarQuip only installs reputable products that meet and exceed Australian Standards, and our installation is best practice so that reliability and a long service life will not be compromised in order to offer discount prices.

In the case of inverter selection, the service life is a very important factor. While solar panels generally have 25 year warranties*, inverters are commonly just 5 year warranties and some companies go out of business within the warranty period.


Components and Installation Quality

SMA invertersWe generally use SMA inverters which are made in Germany to a very high manufacturing standard and come with a 5 year warranty, extendable up to 25 years.

Many brands of solar panels made in China are now produced at a high and consistent quality and at rates that make them a good option.  We recommend RenaSola panels for their combination of performance, quality and overall value.

There are other installed components that do not tend to get mentioned to customers but which we believe are equally important. Cutting corners on these components can result in fire, damage to other components or safety risks. For example, isolator switches are an item that must be correctly rated and installed. We only use reputable brands and ensure ratings are within safe limits.

Cabling and connectors are also important to long term safety and function. To avoid any risk we replace all solar panel connectors with high quality Germany brand Huber and Suhner. The cable itself is always double insulated solar cable and will be run through conduit to keep your home safe.

Overall our aim is to ensure that a system designed and installed by SolarQuip is still serving you well with clean energy in 20-30 years time.

Quality Solar Power Systems Melbourne

Glen Morris, Proprietor of SolarQuipIf you're looking for a high quality solar power system for your home in north-east Melbourne or the Yarra Valley, contact us to discuss your needs.

We consider your unique situation and offer our best solution rather than taking a 'one size fits all' approach. We recommend you avoid bargain basement installers as price cutting inevitably leads to inferior components and limited system life.

SolarQuip helps make the transition to clean energy easier with expert advice, the latest in solar technology, and dependable service on your system.

Small 2kW Home Solar System

This sample system may suit a small, low energy house with 2-3 people *
2kW Renasola panels with an SMA SB-2000 inverter
(Price on application)

Producing approx. 6.8kWh of energy in Melbourne **  

* Note that there are many variables that can only be determined by a close look at energy consumption and the location.

Medium 3.25kW home solar system

This system may suit a larger house with 3-4 people *
3.25kW Renasola panels with a SMA SB-4200 inverter
(Price on application)
Producing approx. 11kWh of energy per day.

** A typical home consumes about 18kWh per day